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We’re going to need an instant replay of that because ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?


Mark your calendars everybody because our final Triwizard task is fast approaching!

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally upon us:

Join us as our Triwizard champions compete their final battle. Blood, sweat, tears, and skeletons will all be present (as they are always present within any living human) as we all watch in anticipation to find out just who will take home the title of twenty-fourteen GTA Triwizard champion!

Will it be Adolf Toral of The University of Toronto? Sandy Costa of Ryerson? Or will it be out very own Samuel Owen of York? Be here to find out.

**no portkeys please**

*final countdown plays softly in the distance*

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People knocking over the GoPro.

Too busy playing quidditch to watch where they’re stepping! :D


I usually say dodgeball, but this works too.
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I usually say dodgeball, but this works too.

Buy the shirt here


Applying for scholarship to further my study and right now looking for Uni in UK or Canada. Ryerson University came on top of the list because of this…


fucking quidditch people! Oh and it offer the Degree that I wanted.

Awesome to hear! You know we are not the only school with a quidditch team?

Map of Canadian Quidditch Teams Map of UK Quidditch Teams

Here is an international map of teams currently being updated.

Hopefully we will see you in the fall!